22 maart 2023

English translation Architecture Memorandum now available

Leestijd: < 1 minuut


The English translation of the Rotterdam architecture policy is now available! How the city deals with its architecture, can be read in this policy document, titled ‘Rotterdam: City of Architecture’.


AIR took the initiatieve to have the Architecture Memorandum translated, given the many international and English-speaking spatial professionals in Rotterdam. Up until now, the policy document was only available in Dutch and therefore not accesible to non-Dutch speakers who work in architecture firms or other interested parties.

Brand new graphic design & illustrations

The publication is reissued in English with a fresh new graphic design by Loes Sikkes. Five Rotterdam-based illustrators were asked to make accompanying illustrations that fit with the five programme lines in the publication: Soña Lee, Melcher Oosterman, Lucia Lenders, Conform Cox and Funzig. Visit their websites to view more of their work. The translation is done by InOtherWords.


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