Foto: Maarten Laupman

03 november 2022

Ukraine The Netherlands Urban Network Online Platform Launch

Leestijd: 2 minuten


The war in Ukraine has reduced cities to rubble and has affected millions of people. Although the war is still raging in full force, it is good to start thinking about rebuilding the country now. And in doing so, listening to the needs of Ukrainians.

To this end, Ukrainian and Dutch spatial professionals have united in the Ukraine – the Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN). So that they can meet the challenges of a sustainable and liveable reconstruction of Ukraine with joint effort. The network responds to urgent needs such as job search, knowledge exchange and capacity building.

The UNUN network and the online platform will be presented at the City Makers Congres (“Stadmakerscongres”) in Rotterdam on Friday 4 November. In a short Q&A, Ukrainian urban planner and initiator of ‘Ukraine the Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN), Oleksandra Tkachenko, talks to Chief Government Architect Francesco Veenstra. They discuss the Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation in which professionals in the field of spatial design deploy their collective brainpower for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Also taking place is the launch of, an online platform set up by the College of State Advisors to support the initiative.


“Rebuilding Ukraine is not just about asphalt, concrete and bricks.It is about a sustainable, liveable and dignified restoration of the country. I call on the Dutch design and construction sector to share design strength and knowledge and become active within the UNUN network.” – Francesco Veenstra