13 april 2020

Winners Europan 15th edition

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On March 9, just before the COVID-19 measures, Europan celebrated with winners, runners up, and special mentions of Europan NL’s 15th edition in an award ceremony at Rotterdam’s De Kroon. Read about the five winning projects and the young and intrepid design teams behind them.

Rotterdam wants to lead the way in the renewal of the productive city and in the development of innovative living and working environments. This fits in with her tradition of architectural experimentation and her widely supported belief in the social and economic development power of architecture. As she is growing, the city aims to build 50,000 new homes in the next decade. The question is how, as Rotterdam is looking for ‘good growth’: building a compact, circular, productive, healthy and inclusive city with equal opportunities for everyone.

Europan NL and AIR have set up a partnership for Europan 15. Together with the City of Rotterdam and private partners, Europan 15 investigates ‘good growth’ of the city through innovative ideas of young design teams. Five Rotterdam locations have been selected that are each exemplary for the current challenges the city faces. With the innovative ideas of young design teams for the sites, the city of Rotterdam wants to boost her rich tradition in architectural experiment. The express ambition of the competition is to award the five winning teams a follow-up contract in line with their design proposals.

Winner Team Brainpark

A New Model for Sustainable Urban Planning

A clear objective for new city developments is the creation of dense, and vibrant communities, fundamentally supported by an articulated strategy for sustainable design. Team Brainpark’s proposal for Europan 15’s Rotterdam site, Brainpark, combines these imperatives in a comprehensive design solution. >> Read more about this winner

Winner Team Groot IJsselmonde: Hartland

Reinventing the Garden City

Drawing inspiration from socialist and economic ideals of the original Garden City utopia, the winning proposal for Rotterdam’s Europan 15 Groot IJsselmonde site, Hartland, provides a development strategy based on principles of commons and co-creation. Different scales of sharing are translated into different spatial designs.
>>Read more about this winner

Winner Team M4H: Makers’ Maze

Making Space for Organic Growth

In the winning proposal for Rotterdam’s Europan 15 Vierhavensblok site, Makers’ Maze, architecture is reconnected with the economic, social and political realities of the contemporary city by offering a flexible method, rather than a rigid design. The proposal’s ambition is to create new conditions for creativity, circularity, interaction, sharing, and freedom while preserving the existing. >> Read more about this winner

Winner Team Kop Dakpark: Hybrid Parliament

The City That Cares

The winning proposal for Rotterdam’s Europan 15 Kop Dakpark site, Hybrid Parliament, is a design solution that presents a sustainable, durable, social and ecological structure. It is a shelter for the hybridisation of all possible current and future human and non-human realities in the global metropolis of the 21st century.  It is an architecture-manifesto for Rotterdam that supports a democratic, productive, inclusive, egalitarian, and horizontal community. >> Read more about this winner

Winner Team Visserijplein: Rambla + Kapsalon

Empowering People and Encouraging Collaboration

This proposal for Europan 15’s Visserijplein site in Rotterdam by Spanish Architect Guillem Colomer creates a central urban avenue to activate the surrounding neighbourhood with a dynamic coexistence of activities. The mutual interference of the new BOTU Rambla and the implanted multifunctional hub, create a stimulating collective image and identity with a multifaceted and authentic expression that represents the local community. >> Read more about this winner.

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